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Meet the Team


Hi I am Stephanie Buckle Owner / Designer of All About Flowers Ltd in Yorkton Sk.

I started working for All About Flowers when I was 15 and in High School. After I starting working at All About Flowers, I knew I wanted to own and become a designer in my very own flower shop. When I went to boarding school, I would come home on holidays to work at the flower shop. I can truly say I worked my way from the bottom to the top. When I was done high school, I moved to Saskatoon and worked at Saskatoon Florist & Flowers By Fred and learnt so much about Design and the flower industry. I also got to help work alongside the designers for the Juno Awards in Saskatoon.
I moved to London Ontario and worked at Forest of Flowers and A Market Florist. After having my son and on maturity leave, I started to work with Samirah with Designs in Bloom. In her Studio just working on weddings, what an amazing experience, learnt so much from her.
I then Moved home to be closer to family and started back working at All About Flowers when I was 21 and a year later Bev who taught me so much about designing, running a Flower Shop she decided to sell her shop. Bev asked if I would like to buy the flower shop. At 23 I bought All About Flowers and have never once looked back.
Fast forward 8 years, I live on the farm I grew up on with my 3 children and my husband. Following both of our dreams and loving life, my husband and I bought a building to move All About Flowers into. I continuous work on growing by teaching classes, bringing in new product to incorporate with our flower shop.
Along with my amazing coworker/staff I could not image doing anything else, when my children are older, I would like to go for more training and certifications to expand my creative mind in the Florist industry.

Stephanie Buckle
Owner /Designer
All About Flowers Ltd. Yorkton Sk.



My name is Mona and I am a plant addict! I have been at all about flowers since 2017 after many many years in the school system. I am a very proud mom of 2 adults! I would like to say thank you to Sheldon who allows me to enjoy a jungle in our home! My love for plants came from my grandmother who showed me many tricks and techniques to having all kinds of plants. This also includes talking to them every day! My favourite all time plant is the Hoya. This plant hung in my grandmothers farm house in a ice cream pail. With the most amazing blooms there’s no doubt you will fall I love with the Hoya as well. I look forward to helping you find your favourite plants and showing you the best care you can give them.


Candace Karkut’s Biography

I started my career at All About Flowers on February 1, 2012 and walked through the doors with the title of front-end manager. One year later I began my training to be a floral designer and have never looked back. I love how flowers can brighten someone’s day or bring comfort in a time of loss without saying a word. Flowers designed a certain way can express joy and when added to a special occasion make the day perfect! My favorite designs are the fun, funky colorful ones but where I excel the most is the elegant specialized pieces for funerals. There is something to be said about expressing someone’s life through flowers. Most recently I have attended a workshop on wedding work and have started working more extensively with brides and their unique flowers for that special day. It makes my heart happy to create the perfect bouquet and our brides have that memory for the rest of their lives. I live in Yorkton with my loving partner Ken and have 2 beautiful young adults. Outside of work I love to garden and feel a deep connection to the outdoors, I could spend all day in the dirt watching things grow. Working at All About Flowers has brought wonderful friendships, an abundance of creativity and fulfillment into my life. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.